the 20%

Voice in Edinburgh,

Just over a week ago, on July the 7th, and in synchrony with thousands of supporters that mobilized along the Mexican land, citizens without sombreros or ponchos gathered at the square just outside the Scottish National Gallery, in Edinburgh.

After the obvious presidential election manipulation by the political class, carried out last 1st of July, national dissatisfaction that had been known and gestated, on top of having gained strength, manifested.

A noticeable explosion of social networks moves new organizations and structures ideas, besides confronting them. A noticeable philosophic participation of all political paradigms.

The issue here is the supposed votes buying, and pollution of the electoral process, due to corrupt and negligent actions. Plus the blatant modification of the results, to favour the political figure that benefits those who are able to name the president with the tip of their finger.

It is true that this ruling class occupies all levels of governability (or in-governability) in Mexico, and that the opposing party, the left in this case, lacks experience or practice, as well as selling itself as a “radical” voice within a country that is highly conservative, with bronze ideas, “forged on antique ways”.

Is in this frame that a revolutionary speech that proposes utopic ideas, as guide or directing axes, will not cause nothing but literal interpretations that only see the little viability of the optimistic proposals expressed.

I think that this is what is important, not that every single word that is uttered is accomplished by a society or movement leader, but the energy expelled by them, their esteem and intention, that, if so they can be labelled as naïve, but not treated as fake.

We all go through that age  naïveness, where good intentions don’t see the obstacles in a life full of rats and our own vices, while after opening our eyes a bit we keep having good intentions. There is, however, fuckers that never had this productive objectives, that cannot even glimpse them, whether because of mental, or spiritual rotting, or for any other reason… too many soap operas, or complete lack of interest on work, as a fruit of the degrading of the product of power and a Roman-like life style.

So, youth and student movements that surge from this elections represent an important step towards the manifestation of voice and consciousness of society, and the evolution of social ideas. That, which is not spoken, does not exist.

It might be that 80% of the population does not speak in favour or against, but this is the proportion we know exists in nature; the 20% moves the 80 that is left, like the proportion between the head and the rest of the body. Habits, vices and modes are difficult to modify, and sometimes reasons are not enough.

Then, this synchronicity of millions of Mexicans is a unification phenomenon, millions of consciousness, it is a process worth admiring, as it is to observe the graceful movement of fish, a birds flock, a herd, or in other words, living organisms functioning with the best nature can provide, following guidelines the earth enables. Let us observe then this revolution and protests movements emerge across the world, Mexico is not an isolated case, it is just another name for the worldwide indignation. Aye!.



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