From Liverpool to Valparaiso

Less than a week ago, I got involved with some outstanding charity activities between Liverpool and Chile. Out of nowhere the activity came to me, so I helped.

During the last week, Chile’s Consul in Liverpool, Julio Arellano,  sent a container full of equipment that mainly all belonged to the Liverpool’s Merseyside Fire Brigade. This humanitarian shipping also included over 45 wheelchairs provided by  local repair company Ross Care that  would usually dump larger amounts of chair per month! Straight away, good functional wheelchairs, binned.

Amongst the items packed in the metal container there were other products that are thrown away by different individuals, (Mark Fisher has to be mentioned here) somehow in interesting connection with the Consul. These include Hospital Beds, furniture, Bbq’s, coats, electronic appliances, bicycles, even toothbrushes!

Breathing Operators

Breathing Operators

Of all this charity, the most significant things that were shipped are those coming from the Firemen and the Ross Care. As many of these articles were in perfect conditions, some even new:  fire fighting boots, trousers, jackets, gloves and masks. The same with the wheelchairs, most of them being completely refurbished, in optimum condition to be used by someone in Chile.

It is to notice the huge amount of products and materials that are thrown away when their life cycle is still not finished. All due to the constant renovation of equipment on the UK. As a result of the country’s economic capabilities. Crisis?. This can, as in this case, allow countries like Chile, whose capabilities do not equal those of nations such as Britain, to still prolong the  usage of assets.

Provided by Ross Care

Provided by Ross Care

The value of the shipment is high, although difficult to estimate. It includes greatly praised stock, such as Breathing Operator for the Firemen, over a hundred of them, all given away by the brigade. This operators will be delivered to the fire department in a small community in Chile.  Chilean organizations are dressed of English equipment.

All this is going to a small region of Valparaiso in Chile, and will be delivered to a Rotary organization in the same city. The charity work was carried out by the Consul, his wife Anne Wright, and their Valparaiso restaurant‘s staff,  between the 2 and 5 of February 2013.

Julio has been doing this for over 20 years, and even nowadays, the man of 63 years old is fully involved in lifting stuff, packing it, carrying more stuff, and performing an overall hard work, proper of the young men that helped in the task.

Julio and Roberto

Julio and Roberto


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