Ideas with Andrew Foulds

So we came to live in Liverpool with no money, no clear plan and a job for a week.

The first nights spent on a modern hotel (free) on the sweet bohemian cultural centre of town. We think it was a good omen.

Now, after a 4 months, things are aligning again, I have met all these artists, creators and interesting people that make it happen in here day by day, working on this and that while staying active on whatever it is that they call life.

After a couple of days of working with them, chatting and laughing I realised that these are great days of our lives, building themselves one by one, with some goals in mind, that let the things unfold in front of us.

I want to talk about this things, these times and these people I have met. I want to document this, it, them. One day we will move on, and what has been done here, should not stay here, should serve for something and be carried.

That is about it, I just came out with the idea of filming, the result could be to profile people, to document art, or the annoying weather here. So far in here I am chatting with Andrew Foulds, a painter based in here with whom I have worked a couple of times. In the video we talk about some carried away, interesting, abstract ideas on painting, and projects in mind.

Andy is a painter that has studied art thoroughly, and is a person with whom to have a good committed conversation. He has been painting for long years now. He also ran an art gallery in Liverpool as a Guest Director and now works as freelance and commission artist for a diversity of projects and clients. Last time I ask about his commission work, he was painting a dog. Well, portraits pay the bills, don’t they?

He is now working on a series of  painting related to structures and construction in an abstract idea. And he is also talking about paintings and exhibitions of topics related to weather and other themes that touch religion and human beliefs. Some of this is spoken in the short film ahead.

The narrative might be blurred, and the line not so straight, but this is what I want!, a conceptual document. Here the link to the video of the conversation:



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