Catalan, Catalunya, Cataluña, Barcelona.

Yes, so we took the flight, down to the sunny coast of the Mediterranean,  to celebrate Liucija´s Birthday, visit lifelong friends, and enjoy in general, escaping the British island and its rain for a little while .

Even so, we arrived in Barcelona, to find clouds, although warm and moist. Fabulous indeed however. Near the Cathedral

I think Barcelona is more less what I expected from it: warm weather, loud people shouting in the streets, good attitude, freedom of thought and expressions, cultural active city, old buildings and history mixed with modernity and liberalism. And good food of course.

The city greatly reminded me of Guanajuato city, a colonial place in Mexico. I guess I can only compare and relate to the few things I have seen. Its streets, and corridors, the look back into the centuries, no wonder about the influence of the Spaniards in my country.

Buildings from Roman times, sunlit squares, walks on the narrow streets, you can feel the Latin culture there. The warm happy colourful people smiling at you, in the middle of a tumult of tourists.

We were discussing what we liked about the city, whether it was the patterns on the buildings, the balconies in every one of them, the ample streets, or the weather. I personally liked the freedom. The path society has followed being allowed to unfold all sorts of creative expressions of itself. And so, the arts and activities akin have flourished and seem not to dim while the “economic crisis” hits everyone.

There was the opportunity to see the active scene, by going to the opening of a Gallery, speaking with local artist Laia Guitierrez, and realising that there is still movement to last for long.

And of course! fuelled by the multiculturalism and the power of the youth. You  can see posters on the streets, flyers, museums and galleries that invite you.

One of these activities, is obviously skateboarding .I myself, being a life long skateboarder, greatly enjoyed the fauna of the place. Skateboarders everywhere, always, all kinds: experienced, beginners, late beginners, posers, girls, boys, and foreigners.  We even visited a couple of world famous skate spots, including the MACBA museum. Another reason to believe on the tolerance and abundance of ideas and energy in the place.

Definitely a place to go back, at least to find what is wrong with it. Not the food though. And certainly not the prices… although we stayed with my friend, not having to pay for that. So in the end we came back with a big piece of Spanish meat!

Here is a complete photo gallery of the trip.

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